Hi Steve,
I have to comment on older guys who want to be with younger women. Now I have no problem with love actually crossing age boundaries. But age appropriateness is usually the way to go. So why are the older guys looking at such young women if there are a lot of 40 something ladies out in the gene pool?

From a psycho-social point of view, youth wants the pains and pleasures of growing old with someone. Older people want to simplify past mistakes and they think they will do that with someone with no baggage, hence just younger folks are considered. In reality, those older folks will have to re-live all that growing space they have already traveled with the younger person. In my opinion, most of the difficult baggage people have is from youthful misconceptions, immaturity and mistakes. Why go back?


You write that youth wants the pains and pleasures of growing with someone. I’m sorry, but I don’t remember that part about being young. I remember the part about wanting to have as much fun as possible before I got old. Still, you raise some interesting questions about “age appropriateness.” So, for today, let’s discuss older men and younger women. We see this situation a lot in real life and in the movies.
In the film Entrapment, Sean Connery was paired with Catherine Zeta-Jones. He was 70 and she was 30. At least, she says she was 30 (a friend of mine has connections with White House security, and she claims that Catherine Zeta-Jones was actually 40). You see, whenever someone goes to the White House, they must first undergo a thorough background check (they don’t let just anybody into the White House – unless he’s been elected president). According to my source, Ms. Zeta-Jones (who was to attend a White House gala) presented a driver’s license that indicated she was 40 years old. Why am I telling you this? Honestly, I don’t know. I’m probably just trying to fill up space.
For the sake of argument, let’s pretend I have a point. Let’s ask the question – if you were a 70 year-old man and you could choose the age for Catherine Zeta-Jones (just the way she is), what age would you choose? Whether she was 30 years old or 40 years old, Catherine Zeta-Jones would be equally hot, so we can eliminate beauty from the question. Also, we can eliminate the effects of her aging from the question, because you (who are 70) will probably be dead soon. This brings me to your final question, “why go back?” Why would a man choose a younger woman? Wouldn’t a 40 year-old Zeta-Jones be preferable to a 30 year-old Zeta Jones? Wouldn’t it be better to avoid a decade of youthful misconceptions, immaturity, and mistakes? Hell no. Why? I think the answer is best captured by a bumper sticker I saw recently. It read, “The more I know men, the better I like my dog.”
As they grow older, some women stop liking men (and start liking dogs). After decades of exposure to men, these women now prefer Fido to Fred. At least, they trust Fido more than Fred. It’s usually just two or three guys who have ruined the reputation of all men (probably some alpha males who had too many scoops of ice cream at the sundae bar, if you know what I mean).
So, given the choice between two women – one who has learned through experience that men suck, and one who still thinks men are part of the human race, wouldn’t you choose the latter? Obviously, there are many older women who like men and many younger women who don’t. But, younger women have less experience with men and, therefore, may be more inclined to give men, or one specific man, the benefit of the doubt. Thus, 30 year-old Catherine Zeta-Jones is less likely to have an anti-men bumper sticker on her car than 40 year-old Catherine Zeta-Jones.


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